Everything from one source for the cold room

Unlimited possibilities for the equipment of cold areas: Products from H+H SYSTEM are perfect suitable for refrigeration.

Aluminum is an excellent material for items that have to be stored in cold areas: Its high conductivity ensures a stable temperature in the cold room. The AluCool® drawer makes use of this “AluCool effect”. It is ideal for the storage of medication, blood or plasma. Depending on the needs, the drawers are provided with an open or a closed base.

The FlexShelf® is also made of aluminum. This turns the flexible storage system into a high-quality and long-lasting product. Available in different sizes and heights, it serves in the cold room as storage rack or as mobile unit on castors. Worktops, shelves, AluCool drawers and even modular trays are integrated. The FlexShelf is a flexible all-rounder, fully adaptable to your requirements.



Various divider systems ensure overview and order in drawers and modular trays. This saves up to 30% of space. For an even better overview, labeling rails and label holders can be used.

Whether in advance or at a later date – the complete equipment can be designed in our 3D builder. Similar to the kitchen planner of a well-known Swedish furniture store, the 3D builder allows you to plan individually and according to your needs. With the complete equipment from H+H SYSTEM, you get a functional overall solution: the fittings are flexible, adaptable and expandable as desired.

Saving space and keeping order in the cold room with H+H SYSTEM’s products.


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