Introducing the H+H FlexShelf®

The name says it all: The FlexShelf is a flexible shelf system that satisfies all requirements.

The H+H FlexShelf® is comparable to a cabinet of a well-known Swedish furniture store: It can be assembled from scratch in any way you please. Whether single shelves are needed for storage, a complete work space is expanded or a mobile unit on castors is required – everything is possible.

The best is yet to come: You can easily design your storage rack by yourself with our 3D Planner. After deciding whether it will be a storage unit, a mobile storage and workspace or a workstation with wall or floor fixation, you choose the desired height and width. Now various elements can be added. There are no limits: You can choose from a wide variety of built-in components and accessories such as pull-out ISO modular trays, drawers and shelves. By integrating worktops or pull-out shelves the FlexShelf can be turned into a workstation.

If the FlexShelf is already in use it still can be tailored to all your individual needs. The location of the slide can be adapted without a tool. This way, the modular trays, accessories and even the drawers are clipped on easily somewhere else on the FlexShelf.

With the H+H FlexShelf® keeping things in order has never been easier.


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