Those who keep things tidy are in command of time and space

…and that helps save lives. Order reduces confusion of drugs and therefore med errors to a minimum.

H+H SYSTEM’s divider system has many advantages: For one thing it saves space – up to 30%. Secondly, it saves time. This is important for any hospital logistics and medication storage. Thanks to the optimal overview, products are found at a glance instead of being searched for a long time. And finally, the H+H organization system reduces costs. Because the components are of a high quality and a long lifetime.

The key element of the organizational and storage system is the flexible sliding divider. It was already patented in the seventies and has been continuously developed since then. Today, there are many versions for every storage and organisation system. Now, like then, the sliding divider’s advantages are convincing:

The flexible sliding divider adapts perfectly to every product as it is easy to move.

Thanks to flexible ends, products are removed with one hand.

By shortening the divider at the predetermined breaking point, it is adaptable to any lane width.

Integrated label holders result in an even better overview.


The flexible sliding divider is used in the cart, in the cabinet, in the refrigerator and in the safe. It can be found in the pull-out shelf of a pharmacy, in the poison cabinet of a laboratory, in the ISO modular tray of a hospital and in the drawer of a doctor’s office.

Organization is everything – the divider system from H+H SYSTEM makes things a lot easier, more efficient and safer.


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