Everything in the right place

Are you tired of the chaos on the shelf? Fed up with products slipping, falling over or getting mixed up?

In order to put an end to his, H+H SYSTEM has the solution: installing dividers on the shelf.  

Depending on usability and labeling, there are 3 solutions to choose from:

Shelf dividers with closed front

Shelf dividers with closed front

Furnishers particularly appreciate this variant. Products are pushed to the front, so the shelf looks replenished and orderly. The special feature of this type of divider system? It is suitable for tilted shelves.

Shelf dividers with closed back

Shelf dividers with closed back

This divider system is open to the front and therefore not visible. Easy and quick access to the products is possible. This makes this variant particularly customer friendly.

Aluminum front rail with dividers for lanes

Shelf dividers with aluminum front rail

The two previously mentioned variants are removable if required. When using this organization system, the aluminum rails are permanently stuck or screwed on the shelf. This protects the edges for longevity and makes it very easy to move the dividers on the rails.

No matter which organization you prefer – one thing is certain: Both customers and staff benefit from a clear order on the shelves. An optimal presentation of goods is appealing to potential customers. With a clear structure by product groups, buyers orientate themselves better. Also employees find products easier and quicker. As the shelf dividers of the flexible divider system adapt to every product, the available space is used optimally.

Using H+H SYSTEM’s flexible dividers, chaos on the shelf is a thing of the past.


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