No more confusion

Our label holders not only keep labels, they help to keep things tidy.

Anyone who has ever stood in front of a full medicine cabinet knows how difficult it is to find the right preparation among many medicines in different colours and sizes. An efficient labeling system with handy label holders from H+H SYSTEM saves both time and effort: Products are found at a glance instead of being searched for a long time. Our label holders can be arranged according to individual requirements. They are easy to clip on and to move at any time due to stability and robustness. In addition, they contribute significantly to safety, as confusion and med errors are reduced to a minimum.



Label holders can be clipped on dividers and rails in drawers and modular trays. The great advantage is the fact that they “move” with the product: If articles are transferred to a different place, the related label holder simply moves with it. This makes our card and label holders immensely versatile and flexible.

Furthermore, they can be attached directly onto the FlexModul, FlexBasket or FlexTray and are therefore also usable in the FlexShelf. Label holders on the front of drawers provide a perfect overview. This way, they can even be used on drawers in refrigerators.

Our label holders, whether with clips or a self-adhesive tape, are suitable for any existing inventory management system. The labels printed with information are inserted into the label holders. Therefore, the ordering process is optimised, as missing goods are recognised immediately and restocking and retrieval is carried out fast. Label holders thus help to manage the product range and storage locations and serve as an important logistics aid. They are essential for medication labeling, price labeling, shelf labeling and drawer labeling.

Finding instead of searching – label holders are indispensable for an optimal overview.



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