Shelf dividers with aluminum front rail

Shelf dividers with aluminum front rail

Flexible shelf dividers

Dividers with aluminum front rail

more space

location management


Products well organized

The shelf dividers with aluminum front rail are easy to handle and ensure a flexible subdivision at the same time. They are ideal for a clear presentation and the storage of products. Customers and employees quickly find the desired product at a glance. The dividers are unobtrusive and do not detract from your displays. The system is easy to remove and compatible with all sizes of shelves and product sizes.

  • Flexible space adjustment
  • Perfect overview
  • Labeling options
  • No tipping over
  • Save up to 30% of space
  • No article mix-up anymore

Perfect subdivision in just three steps

1. Front rail
Aluminum rail

Stick the front rail on the shelf. H+H SYSTEM delivers them cut to all sizes.

2. Dividers for lanes
Divider for lanes

Place dividers on the front rail and move to the desired position.

3. Optional: label holder
Label holder

An optional label holder can be attached on the aluminum front rail for labeling.

System heights

One standard size for every shelf.

  1. 2 1/2" divider height

Many subdivision options for maximum flexibility

The shelf divider

Everything in the right place

Prevents products from tipping over or falling out. Cleary sorted and arranged, with a wide range of labeling options, the H+H SYSTEM shelf divider offers an unobstructed view and easy access not only to customers but also to storage room staff.


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