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FlexShelf MHD

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Full flexibility with great space savings

Our FlexShelf MHD is an innovative mobile shelving system for space saving storage with perfect overview. MHD stands for "mobile high density" - which means our FlexShelf MHD is the perfect solution for storing a lot of things in a small space while remaining "mobile". Thanks to its compact design and the ability to move multiple shelves along the overhead guide rail, the FlexShelf MHD makes the most of the space available. At the same time, flexibility is maintained: The shelving system can be rearranged quickly and easily, making it perfectly adaptable to changing requirements. This makes our FlexShelf MHD particularly suitable for the storage of medicines, because more medicines can be stored in the smallest space - without any loss of safety and organisation. At the same time, the entire content is accessed quickly and without having to search. Depending on your needs, the mobile shelving system can be equipped with pull-out shelves, drawers or the ISO modular system. The FlexShelf MHD provides a flexible and secure storage solution.


  • Optimal working
  • Clear and space saving
  • Compatible with the H+H ISO modular tray system
  • Individual 3D plans
  • With pull-out shelves and drawers
  • Made of robust and light aluminum
  • Optimal use of space
  • High load capacity

In just three steps to the perfect mobile shelving system

1. Width and depth

Create the optimum FlexShelf MHD with our standard height, an extendable standard width and a depth with a maximum of 7' 10".

2. ISO modular trays, drawers and shelves

Choose from a variety of storing options for your mobile shelving system. Whether shelves, drawers or ISO modular trays.

3. Divider system
Sliding divider

Ensure a perfect overview with the right divider system. Optimize additionally with our labeling system.

System sizes

High-quality aluminum
882 lbs max. load capacity per column


  1. 6' 7"


  1. max. 7' 10"


  1. individual

Built-in components

Additional equipment

Simple exchange

For more efficiency

The innovative solution in ISO format ensures space-saving and safe storage of medical goods.


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