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ISO supporting system for the ISO modular tray system

Side panels and full extension runners are the perfect complement to our ISO modular trays, whether in the cabinet or in our FlexShelf. All our shelves and runners are perfect compatible with the side panels. Modular trays are easy to operate and simple to exchange.

ISO full extension runner

  • Load capacity up to 70 kg
  • Adjustable in height every 14 mm
  • For all H+H ISO modular trays
  • Easy exchange of modular trays
  • Fitting in pilaster without tools
  • Available with SoftClose
  • Perfect overview

ISO side panel

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Easy exchange of modular trays
  • For all H+H ISO modular trays
  • Stop function prevents the modular trays from falling out
  • Pass-through feature
  • 30° hinged function
  • Simple handling
  • Optional roller wheels

Side panels and full extension runners
Everything is possible

ISO side panels
Seamless extension stops and simple installation

ISO full extension runners
To hook straight or inclined in pilaster


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The right system for every requirement

1. ISO full extension runner

Perfect sliding thanks to full extension - ideal for medium and lower heights.

2. Full extension runner inclined

Perfect for high cabinets with manual locking.

3. ISO side panels

ISO modular trays are easy to use and simple to exchange.

4. ISO side panel inclined

Ideal for high cabinets and for easy access to products.

System sizes

ISO full extension runner

  1. Full extension runner 400
  2. Full extension runner 600
  3. Full extension runner 400 Silent
  4. Full extension runner 600 Silent

ISO full extension runner pass-through / inclined

  1. Full extension runner 600 pass-through
  2. Full extension runner 400 inclined
  3. Full extension runner 600 inclined

ISO side panels pass-through / inclined

  1. Side panel 4in1 400
  2. Side panel 4in1 600
  3. Side panel 3in1 300 left & right
  4. Side panel inclined 400
  5. Side panel inclined 600

Many supporting system options for maximum flexibility

Additional equipment


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