Tearaway seals for lids

Tearaway seals for lids <br>|for different bags|

Tray with lid and seals for lids

Tray with lid and <br>|seals for lids|

Security bag

Security bag with<br>|blue perforation|

Trays for carts

Security solutions




Locks and


Security bags, seals and lids for trays of any size

If security for the medications is a concern for you, H+H SYSTEM supplies security bags, locks, seals and tray lids. Seals are a quick indicator for identifying trays that have been tampered with or have not been restocked. The bags have a self-adhesive strip for sealing and a perforation in the middle of the bag for easy access. Bags are available in clear and bronze, or with a red or blue stripe across the perforation. Seals come in different colors and are numbered for further security and identification purposes.

  • Bags for all H+H standard and custom trays
  • Easy access to your trays and meds
  • Red or blue strip across bag perforation
  • Lids clear or bronze in various size
  • Bags in clear or bronze color
  • Seals in 4 colors

Many options for maximum flexibility


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