Exchange tray
FlexShelf - storage and work; mixed cart

FlexShelf - storage and work; |mixed cart|

FlexShelf mobile unit

FlexShelf mobile unit

FlexShelf - storage and work; with ISO module subdivisions

FlexShelf - storage and work; |with ISO module subdivisions|

FlexShelf - storage and work; drug storage

FlexShelf - storage and work; |drug storage|

FlexShelf - storage and work; workstation

FlexShelf - storage and work; |workstation|

Trays for carts

Tray storage and transportation


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The exchange tray process - a solution for any application

The storage and transportation of exchange trays are an important part in the hospital. H+H SYSTEM offers the perfect solution with the combination of FlexShelf and exchange trays for optimized processes: The exchange trays are prepared in the FlexShelf workstation. Once they are ready for delivery, they can be stored temporarily in a storage shelf. For transportation, the required trays can be carried in mobile units. After being used in the operation room, the utilized exchange trays are stored in a "return and storage" shelf for being replenished and prepared for the next usage.

  • Exchange trays also suitable for portable tray units
  • Any configuration of workstation is possible
  • Exchange trays for handling within scanning process
  • Space and time savings
  • High flexibility
  • Customized with any flexible divider set-up
  • FlexShelf is usable as workstation, mobile unit and storage shelf

The sliding divider in the exchange tray
Everything is possible

Echange tray set-ups allow for quick maximization of organization and efficiency. These set-ups are ideal for simplifying medication storage.

  • Ensure accuracy and reduce risk of med errors
  • Provide security and control of meds
  • Improve overall efficiency by maintaining organization and expediting inventory
  • Flexible dividers are removable and adjustable - they can be customized to accommodate changes
  • Save up to 30% space
Video starten

The perfect overview in just three easy steps.

1. Insert tray

Insert suitably sized tray into the drawer. H+H SYSTEM custom builds those trays in all sizes.

2. Dividers to create lanes
Divider for lanes

Move the lengthwise dividers to the desired position.

3. Sliding divider
Sliding divider

Adjust to the desired length by snapping off at one of the predetermined breaking points. Optimize clarity with our labeling system.

Exchange tray system process

Many options for maximum flexibility


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