V-Shield pro commercial 36 x 36"

V-Shield pro commercial<br>| 36 x 36" |

Human barrier products

V-Shield pro commercial

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Transparent and mobile V-Shield pro commercial

The V-Shield pro commercial is suitable for use on desks and tables to delimit workplaces without restricting the field of vision. Due to the aluminum upright with 2 installation options (free-standing or without spacing) the V-Shield pro commercial is very stable. The assembly and disassembly is easy and tool-free thanks to plastic plug-in screws. Modular expansion is possible. We recommend alcohol-free cleaning agents for cleaning.

  • Sneeze, cough, grip and virus protection for salesrooms
  • Easy relocation to other sales points
  • Tool-free assembly and easy dismantling
  • Optional side protection (can also be integrated later)
  • Optional fixation on tare / HV block with integrated double-sided adhesive tape
  • Store individual parts flat after dismantling and assemble quickly in an emergency
  • High stability due to the combination of aluminum and acrylic glass

System heights

The V-Shield pro commercial has a total height of 24 - 36" and is available in the following versions in acrylic glass 1/8":

  1. V-Shield pro commercial
    W x H = 24 x 24"
  2. V-Shield pro commercial
    W x H = 24 x 36"
  3. V-Shield pro commercial
    W x H = 36 x 36"
  4. V-Shield pro commercial
    W x H = 36 x 24"

Many options for maximum flexibility


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