Human barrier products


Pass through

system widths


Transparent and mobile human barrier product

The product was specially developed to protect employees in the sales area. Simply set it up in the desired location and move it to any other location at any time. The Counter protection offers excellent sneezing, coughing, spitting and grasping protection.

  • Sneeze, cough and grip protection for salesrooms
  • Tool-free assembly and disassembly
  • Easy relocation to other sales points
  • Optional fixation on sales block with clamp shoes
  • Store individual parts flat after dismantling and assemble quickly in an emergency
  • Good stability due to the acrylic glass plug-in system in combination with stabilizing clips

System heights

The H+H SYSTEM V-Shield has a total height of nearly 36" and is available in the following versions in acrylic glass 1/8":

  1. V-Shield 20
    W x H = 20 x 36"
  2. V-Shield 24
    W x H = 24 x 36"
  3. V-Shield 28
    W x H = 28 x 36"
  1. V-Shield 32
    W x H = 32 x 36"
  2. V-Shield 36
    W x H = 36 x 36"
  3. V-Shield 40
    W x H = 40 x 36"

Many subdivision options for maximum flexibility


Simple assembly

The light cough and sneeze protection is easy to assemble without tools. The acrylic glass plug-in system in combination with stabilizing clips ensures good stability.


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