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Flexible drawer dividers

The flexible sliding divider - transform your drawers into a masterpiece of organization and efficiency. Any width. Any depth. Any height. With the flexible dividers of H+H SYSTEM 30% of space can be saved. Not only does the flexible sliding divider make daily work with meds far more efficient, it reduces the chances of error to an absolute minimum.

Refrigerator storage

In all sizes and for every application. Maximum security is an absolute must, especially in such a sensitive area as the storage of medicines, blood or plasma.

Trays for carts

Overview and space-saving in the cart. The inserts of H+H SYSTEM are tailored to the individual needs and made ​​to measure. The space-saving flexible dividing of drugs, ampullae, dressing materials and small parts of all kinds, provides maximum organisation in the trolleys.

ISO modular tray system

Standardized but flexible. The modular tray system in ISO or DIN format convinces with the fact that it may be used both as a storage and logistics system. Using the flexible dividers up to 30% of space is gained.

FlexShelf - storage and work

From shelf to all-rounder. The FlexShelf from H+H SYSTEM is a flexible system that expands easily to different widths and depths. Combined with a wide range of accessories, this is a versatile storage system that satisfies all requirements.

Flexible shelf dividers

Each shelf can be organized individually. Dividers prevent products from tipping over or falling out. Clearly sorted and arranged, with a wide range of labeling options, the H+H SYSTEM shelf dividers offer an unobstructed view and easy access not only to customers but also to storage room staff.

Bins and boxes

Whether large or small items are stored, everything needs to be in order. With bins for larger items or with bins for smaller parts, H+H SYSTEM has optimal solutions for all kind of items. The available space is used optimally and increases the storage space.

Medication distribution

Well organized for the distribution of drugs. H+H SYSTEM's products ensure safety in the medication distribution in hospitals, nursing and elderly homes. Both the staff and the patients benefit from the neatly arranged storage and simplified distribution of medications.

Labeling and logistics

Overview and security. Sophisticated, detailed solutions of H+H SYSTEM ensure control over range and storage locations. Label holders provide a quick overview and security for each location and also serve as a logistics tool.

Human barrier products

Best possible protection. In order to offer you and your customers protection against airborne transmission when talking, coughing and sneezing, H+H SYSTEM offers the right product.

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