5 interesting facts about the H+H FlexShelf®

The following facts prove the versatility of the shelving system.

1. Components

A fully assembled FlexShelf is made of many components: A base unit consists of 88 individual parts, more than half of them are screws. An extension unit consists of 54 individual parts, it is mounted on the side frames of the base unit.

2. Measurements

The FlexShelf is available in 6 widths, 2 depths, 23 heights and 3 colours. This adds up to 828 possible storage racks! The number proves that the FlexShelf is suitable for really every storage and work space - whether in the pharmacy, laboratory, doctor's office, hospital (for example in the dispensary) or a pharmaceutical warehouse.


3. Extensions

The flexible shelving system is designed according to the add-on principle: Start with the base unit and add extensions to it – as many as you want or rather until there is no more space in your room. What if the room had no limits? Any number of extensions could be added – theoretically infinite, theoretically all around the world.


4. Built-in components and accessories

In combination with the numerous accessories and built-in components, there are unlimited possibilities. Adding the ISO modular tray system, shelf organisation, drawers or other components to your FlexShelf allows you to accommodate any logistics process and optimise operations time efficiently.


5. Plan yourself

With the 3D Planner FlexShelf everyone becomes an interior designer. A wide variety of built-in components and accessories are easily integrated into the storage rack in the 3D view. This way, the plan in your mind turns into an executable plan on the paper.


From shelf to all-rounder - the FlexShelf offers infinite possibilities.