H+H SYSTEM in the doctor's office

A well-organised doctor’s office is essential for smooth processes and satisfied staff and patients.


The right equipment makes all the difference in your practice. With products from H+H  SYSTEM, you not only optimise your workflow but also create more space and clarity. Our drawer dividers, ISO modular tray system, flexible shelving system H+H FlexShelf® and refrigerator drawers enhance your doctor’s office efficiency while providing an orderly work environment.


Our drawer dividers maximise storage space in every drawer. With flexible dividers, you gain up to 30% more space. Every item has its designated spot, saving time and ncreasing efficiency. This means less time spent searching and more time for patients. Each drawer can be retrofitted with either the dividers with insert or dividers with slotted rail holder.

The flexible shelving system H+H FlexShelf® is a true all-rounder. Whether used as a storage shelf or a workstation, it adapts to all needs. Medications, files, or work materials – everything finds its place. There are countless possible combinations, ensuring the perfect shelving system for every doctor’s office. Additionally, the FlexShelf is compatible with the ISO modular tray system, and drawers, shelves, and pull-out worktops can also be integrated.

The modular tray system in ISO format (standardised sizes for healthcare furniture) saves space and optimises logistical processes. All ISO modular trays can be fully pulled out, hinged down and subdivided. The flexible dividers ensure perfect organisation of medications, ampoules, and dressing materials within the modular trays. The H+H FlexModul®, H+H FlexBasket, and H+H FlexTray can be integrated into cabinets, shelves, and carts.

Secure and well-organised storage of medications in the refrigerator is crucial. Our refrigerator organisation not only protects the quality of the medication but also ensures quick and easy handling in daily practice. Each AluCool® drawer can be divided, creating more space in the refrigerator. Every medication refrigerator can be retrofitted with the AluCool® drawer.

With the organisation and storage systems from H+H SYSTEM, you not only improve the efficiency of your practice but also create an orderly working environment. This saves time, reduces stress, and ensures satisfied employees and patients.