H+H SYSTEM in the nursing home

Implementing effective organisational and storage systems in nursing homes can significantly relieve staff workload and enhance the well-being of the residents.


In a nursing home, proper organisation is crucial for the quality of care and the comfort of the residents. Well-designed organisational and storage systems not only boost the efficiency of the care staff but also improve the safety and satisfaction of the seniors. Products from H+H SYSTEM ensure optimal organisation with drawer dividers, removable ISO modular trays, medication distribution systems, and medical or refrigerator drawers, keeping everything in order.


The modular tray system in ISO format (standardised sizes for healthcare furniture) simplifies logistical processes and saves storage space. ISO modular trays can be removed and transported as needed. The flexible dividers provide a perfect overview when organising care items, cleaning supplies, or specialised medical equipment. The H+H FlexModul®, H+H FlexBasket, and H+H FlexTray are freely combinable and can be integrated into shelves, cabinets, and carts.

Drawer dividers are a simple yet effective tool to maintain order. A nursing home requires numerous items daily, from care utensils and medications to personal belongings of the residents. Drawer dividers organise these items neatly, making them quickly accessible. This reduces the time staff spends searching for items, allowing them to focus more on the care and support of the residents. Both the dividers with slotted rail holder and the dividers with insert can be installed in any existing drawer.

Medications play a central role in senior care. A well-organised medication distribution with dispensers, ISO dispensing trays, week sets, and dispensing and week trays is essential. These products ensure that medications are administered correctly and on time. Various dispensers help sort medications by patient and time of day, minimising the risk of mix-ups and errors. Additionally, it eases the staff's workload as the preparation of medications is structured and clear.

With refrigerator drawers (AluCool® or plastic drawers) and medical drawers, all medications can be stored properly. Medications of various sizes are clearly divided, optimising the available space. The flexible divider system allows for quick removal or refilling of products. Everything is stored securely in the drawers, which can also be locked if needed.

With products from H+H SYSTEM, the daily routine in nursing homes can be more structured and less stressful. Good organisation is key to providing high-quality care and fostering a harmonious environment in nursing homes.