H+H SYSTEM in the laboratory

Maximising storage and optimising organisation


In the hectic environment of a laboratory, efficiency and order are crucial. H+H SYSTEM offers innovative products specifically designed to meet the needs of laboratories. These solutions help save valuable space and optimize workflows. Drawer dividers, the flexible shelving system H+H FlexShelf®, the ISO modular tray system, refrigerator drawers, storage trays, bins and boxes and flexible shelf dividers can enhance your lab operations.


A well-organised storage system is the heart of any laboratory. With the ISO modular tray system, you achieve a structured and clear storage solution. The removable H+H FlexModul®, H+H FlexBasket, and H+H FlexTray can be flexibly combined, providing optimal storage space for lab supplies. The clear arrangement ensures that needed materials are quickly found, saving time and increasing the safety and efficiency of your lab operations.

Drawers often become overloaded and disorganised. Our flexible drawer dividers solve this problem, saving up to 30% space. They enable optimal drawer organisation by clearly separating items of all kinds. This ensures that you always have an overview and can quickly find what you need. With the flexible sliding divider, an advanced drawer partition, endless subdivision possibilities are available as it adapts to any product.

Flexibility and a good storage system are essential in the lab. The versatile shelving system H+H FlexShelf® is the ideal solution for varying needs. It can be used as a (medical) storage shelf or a mobile workstation. Shelves, pull-out worktops, drawers, or ISO modular trays provide stable storage and work surfaces for equipment, materials, and more. The robust construction, made from aluminium with a thoughtful design, makes the FlexShelf an indispensable assistant in any lab.

The storage of samples and chemicals requires special care. Our refrigerator drawers with flexible dividers offer the perfect solution. They allow safe and organised storage at controlled temperatures. Each sample and chemical has its designated place, minimizing the risk of mix-ups. This way, you keep track of inventory and protect valuable materials.

Our trays, bins and boxes are robust and durable containers, ideal for storing and transporting lab utensils, chemicals, and samples. Available in various sizes and designs, they keep your work materials secure and organised, ensuring you always have an overview.

For even better organisation on your shelves, our flexible shelf dividers are ideal. These are either closed at the front or back, ensuring that all materials remain securely and neatly in place. They prevent items from shifting or falling and make it easier to retrieve specific items.

Our thoughtfully designed products are aimed at maximising space and easing the daily workload.

Embrace flexibility and functionality to sustainably optimise your lab organisation!