Flexible shelf dividers

Dividers with closed front


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Products well organised

The H+H SYSTEM is also ideal to use on a shelf, it brings organisation, efficiency and control to all shelving. Using the dividers with closed front prevents the falling out of products. The dividers are unobtrusive and do not detract from your displays. Customers and employees quickly find the desired product at a glance. The system is easy to remove, easy to clean and compatible with all sizes of shelves and product sizes.

  • Flexible space adjustment
  • Save up to 30% space
  • Perfect overview
  • Labelling options
  • No article mix-up anymore
  • No tipping over

Perfect subdivision in just three steps

1. Angled rail

Stick the angled rail on the front of the shelf. H+H SYSTEM supplies them in all sizes.

2. Dividers for lanes

Add the dividers and move them to the desired position.

3. Sliding divider

Adjust the sliding divider to the width of the lanes. Optimise clarity with our labelling system.

Rail heights

The ultimate flexibility

  1. 35 mm rail height
  2. 55 mm rail height
  3. 100 mm rail height
  4. 125 mm rail height

Many options for maximum flexibility

The shelf divider

Everything in the right place

Each shelf can be organised individually. Dividers prevent products from tipping over or falling out. Clearly sorted and arranged, with a wide range of labelling options, the H+H SYSTEM shelf dividers offer an unobstructed view and easy access not only to customers but also to storage room staff. The lanes are completely variable and result in a space gain of up to 30%.