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AluCool® Drawer with Flexible Dividing System

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Organization in the Refrigerator

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Individual solutions for fridge and drawer
Optimal storage for maximum space savings

To accommodate diversity of the product storage in refrigerators, H+H SYSTEM has focused on adapting the environment to the product. Whether vials, bottles, packs of medicine, blood bags, single packs or bulk - from the option of individual production to widely used standard-storage systems, H+H guarantees to find the optimal dividing solution. With the carts for cool storage, drawer block, drawers, trays, shelves, and dividers, the precious space (refrigerator, blood bank, or cold room) is maximized perfectly. 

  • Up to 30% space savings
  • No products mess up - less medication errors
  • Less expiration of medication
  • Optimal overview
  • Individual designs for custom made products
  • Standard solutions
  • Separate compartment for each product
  • Location labeling
  • Index cards in order to integrate logistics


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