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AluCool® Drawer

AluCool® Drawer with Flexible Divider System

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Organization in the Refrigerator

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Single drawer for any refrigerator
Constant temperature and optimal use of space
Aluminium is light, durable and highly aesthetic. It's high conductivity ensures optimum temperature distribution throughout the refrigerator. With the AluCool® drawer every pharmaceutical refrigerator can also be retrofitted - this saves and optimally utilizes valuable space in the refrigerator. In combination with the flexible H+H dividing system, the result is a thoroughly functional solution for perfect organization, visibility and flexibility in the cooling area. Depending on the specific need, the H+H dividing system allows the storage of drugs, blood and plasma with a space savings of up to 30%.
  • Constant temperature
  • Built-in drawer glides
  • All dimensions available
  • Works with all refrigerator manufacturers
  • Easily assembled
  • 30% space saving



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