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H+H Dividing Systems for existing Refrigerator Drawers

Divider Kit

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Organization in the Refrigerator

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Divider Kits or Retrofitting
Organization for your fridge

Divider Kits: The customizable drawer inserts are tailored to the individual needs, made ​​to measure. The benefit is obvious: it can be removed with one hand, in one piece out of the drawer and enables a simple, hygienic cleaning. After cleaning each item takes its place again.

Retrofitting: Customized to any dimension, the H+H SYSTEM divides every drawer according to the different needs. The retrofitting consists of 3 parts: slotted rail holder, universal rail and flexible divider, making it easy to fit. In one minute, the drawer is fitted with the dividing system and can be used for a space saving and clear storage. Flexible dividers can be pushed to the products, creating more space for more items. 

  • Flexible dividers for any refrigerator drawers
  • Various heights for various products
  • Divider moves with the product
  • Various labeling options
  • Save up to 30% space


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