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H+H FlexModul® - ISO Modular Tray

Modular Tray System in ISO format

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Modular Tray System ISO

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The modular tray in ISO format 23-5/8" x 15-3/4"
The flexible innovation on the modular tray market

H+H SYSTEM’s FlexModul® in ISO format is the product of choice where highest demands are placed on flexibility, efficiency and quality. By combining trays and baskets into one, H+H SYSTEM has not only achieved this objective but has also created the best possible flexibility. The innovation resulted in an opitimal, low weight, and leak proof storage system. The marketed cross-recess dividers may be secured to the modules using the ClipOn-effect. They may be secured so firmly that the partitions will with-stand highest lateral loads without them being forced out of their positions. The added benefit results in simple and quick adjustment (half inch or inch). When used in combination with the sliding dividers, the greatest possible space savings and highest efficiencies are achieved.

  • Smooth walls for greater hygiene 
  • Fixed tray and divider positioning (ClipOn-effect) 
  • Partitions are adapted to stored products
  • Bay width may be adjusted every half inch or inch
  • Additional lettering or company logo possible 
  • Low weight 
  • Stackable
  • Single-part stop system for pull-out of trays

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