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The H+H SYSTEM brings the standardization, security and control that the Joint Commission expects! The H+H SYSTEM offers organization solutions for Crash Carts, Procedure Carts, Anesthesia Carts, OR/Surgery Carts, Pediatric Carts, and Gas Machines. All dividers are removable and adjustable and can be customized to accommodate changes. Exclusive sliding dividers, custom labeling and security bags can help you:
* Ensure accuracy and reduce the risk of med errors
* Provide security and control of meds
* Improve overall efficiency by maintaining organization and expediting inventory

The H+H SYSTEM offers shelving organization for pharmacy stock, (movable) shelves, nursing stock, gravity feed shelves, bulk storage, and unit dose storage. Sliding dividers keep a place for everything and everything in its place. Dividers and attached label holders slide into position along with stock. Compact storage assures instant recognition of missing items and guarantees:
* Clear visibility, easy access and better security
* Increase efficiency of inventory and restocking
* Improve accuracy and reduce risk of med errors

The H+H SYSTEM is the one-stop storage solution for valuable time, money and space savings!

H+H SYSTEM is distributed in more then 50 countries directly or via our partners. It is now used by a large range of people from the healthcare sector to shop fitters of all types of businesses.

Devised and produced by H+H personnel

From the development to the processing the production of H+H organisation systems is under one roof. This is why its suitability in practise and the high quality of each product is guaranteed. On the following pages you will find a general overview explaining how H+H can help you and your business.

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