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Plastic Drawer

Drawer made of Plastic with Flexible Divider System

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Organization in the Refrigerator

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Inexpensive plastic drawers
Intelligent solutions for refrigeration storage

H+H SYSTEM takes advantage of all material benefits of plastic to manufacture custom sized drawers in gray, transparent, or colored. Suitable for any type of refrigerator, drawers will be produced in any width, height and depth. In addition, each refrigerator interior (smooth or ribbed walls) can be retrofitted with drawers from H+H SYSTEM. Together with our flexible dividing system valuable space is used as best as possible in the fridge.

  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy pull out on plastic rollers
  • Any width, depth and heights of the drawer possible
  • Any refrigerator is retrofitted with any number of drawers
  • Tool-free assembly of drawers
  • Combinable with grid




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