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Standard Trays for Carts & Drawers

Molded trays in various colors for crash carts, anesthesia carts, pediatric carts,...

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Exchange trays for any department, in every configuration
Trays 21 ½ x 15 ¼ and 10 x 15 ¼”

Trays are an essential part in the organization of cart. Standard size trays fit the majority of carts and can be customized to organize your medications. Color options are available on all trays and this feature is ideal for organization of trays per hospital department or function.

  • White – ideal for emergency, anesthesia, OR, and other carts
  • Red – ideal for adult crash carts
  • Blue – ideal for pediatric crash carts
  • Molded trays for most carts are in stock
  • Customized with any flexible divider set-up


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