Actionable ways hospital pharmacies can boost efficiency

Efficient workflow is vital for hospital pharmacies to deliver quality patient care, reduce errors, and enhance operational effectiveness. By implementing simple yet effective strategies, hospital pharmacies can make immediate improvements to their workflow.
This article presents easy-to-implement ways that hospital pharmacies can enhance efficiency and streamline their operations.



1. Optimize medication storage and organization

Proper medication storage and organization play a significant role in workflow optimization. Consider investing in modular storage solutions, such as H+H FlexShelf®, which allows for customizable configurations to maximize space utilization. Incorporate clear labeling, color-coding, and standardized storage practices to facilitate easy identification and quick retrieval of medications and supplies. Well-organized storage areas contribute to streamlined workflow and reduce the time spent searching for items.


2. Streamline medication reconciliation processes

Medication reconciliation is a critical process for patient safety and continuity of care. Implement standardized medication reconciliation protocols and utilize technology, such as electronic health records (EHR) and pharmacy information systems, to streamline the process. Automated reconciliation tools can compare medication lists, flag discrepancies, and improve accuracy, saving time and reducing the risk of errors during admissions, transfers, and discharges.



3. Enhance communication and collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration among pharmacy staff and other healthcare professionals can significantly improve workflow. Encourage regular team huddles, utilize secure messaging platforms, and establish clear lines of communication. Foster a collaborative culture that promotes open dialogue, allowing for quick resolution of issues, clarification of medication orders, and efficient coordination of tasks.


4. Opt for barcode and RFID scanning technology



These technologies are simple yet powerful tools to enhance medication safety and workflow efficiency. Implement barcode scanning and RFID systems to verify medication accuracy, reduce medication errors, and streamline medication administration processes. These technologies ensure accurate identification, improve inventory management, and minimize time spent on manual data entry. They can also be integrated into H+H FlexShelf®’s custom workstations and storage, for a smooth and efficient workflow.


5. Regularly review and update workflow processes

Take the time to regularly review and update workflow processes to identify areas for improvement. Analyze existing workflows, solicit feedback from staff members, and seek opportunities to eliminate redundancies or streamline processes. Continuously assess the efficiency of tasks, identify bottlenecks, and implement necessary changes to optimize workflow.


6. Leverage technology for documentation and reporting

Manual documentation and reporting processes can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Explore technology solutions that simplify documentation and reporting tasks. EHR, automated reporting systems, and digital documentation tools can streamline administrative processes, improve accuracy, and free up time for more value-added activities.


Improving workflow in hospital pharmacies doesn't always require complex overhauls. By implementing these easy and practical strategies, hospital pharmacies can make immediate improvements in efficiency and productivity. Investing in automation, optimizing storage and organization, streamlining medication reconciliation, enhancing communication, leveraging barcode scanning and RFID technologies, reviewing processes, and adopting technology for documentation and reporting can all contribute to a smoother workflow and ultimately enhance patient care and outcomes. Remember, even small changes can have a significant impact on workflow efficiency, making a positive difference in the overall functioning of the hospital pharmacy.

At H+H SYSTEM, we are experts in creating custom and modular storage and workstations to enhance and support your team’s effectiveness. Our storage solution, H+H FlexShelf®, is designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow to deliver increased time and space savings. Contact us for a free consultation or quote!


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