Refrigerator drawers: convincing convenience

Drawers in refrigerators not only bring more convenience, they also offer several other advantages.

More space

Using refrigerator drawers leads to 30% more storage space. The flexible drawer dividers ensure organized storage and thus a better overview. If the content of the drawer changes, the dividers can be adjusted at any time.

More security

Safety and reliability are paramount in such a sensitive area as medication storage. In refrigerator drawers, samples, vaccines, blood and medicines are stored and preserved properly. Thanks to the smooth surface, the drawers are easy to clean and therefore very hygienic.

More convenience

The refrigerator drawers are fully extendable. This means pharmaceutical drugs at the very back of the drawer are not overlooked. It takes only one touch to take out and restock products easily and time efficiently. Storing and taking out according to the first-in, first-out principle is easy.


Choose from the following refrigerator drawers:

1. AluCool® drawer

Refrigerator with AluCool drawers

The aluminum refrigerator drawer stands out due to its long service life because of the robustness and durability. The aluminum has a cooling effect and ensures optimum temperature distribution in the refrigerator. The AluCool drawer can be installed in any (medicine) refrigerator, as all drawers are made to measure. An optional transparent front provides even more clarity.

2. Plastic drawer

Plastic drawer

Compared to the AluCool drawer, the plastic drawer is the inexpensive variant. It can be made in any width, depth and height and is therefore suitable for any refrigerator. The plastic drawer is available in three materials: Plastic gray, plastic antibacterial white and plastic transparent.

Whether AluCool or plastic drawer - with refrigerator drawers, every refrigerator is tidy and well-organised.


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