The advantages of modular trays

Why use modular trays instead of drawers and shelves?

Furniture makers and interior designers often ask this question. Admittedly, drawers with fronts look more appealing than modular trays. However, drawers have a crucial disadvantage: they are not removable.

Whether modular trays are installed in the shelf, in the cabinet or in the cart – they are not tied to one place. FlexTray, FlexBasket and FlexModul can be removed in one piece anytime and moved to a different location. If, for example, liquid has leaked in a FlexTray, you simply take the tray, clean it and place it somewhere else in the cabinet or shelf. Every storage tray can be cleaned in a steriliser or dishwasher.

Another advantage is the resistant material as our ABS and PC trays withstand high temperatures and cold up to -85°C. The H+H modular tray system is also usable in cold rooms. This is where the H+H FlexShelf comes in: By combining it with elements of the ISO modular tray system a flexible storage system is created - adaptable to individual needs at any time.

Modular trays can be pulled out on both sides and therefore used from the front and the back. The modules, baskets and trays are suitable for handing over medication and instruments for instance between sterilisation and operating theatres. In addition, the modular trays can be hinged down by approx. 30°. This makes it easier to find and remove products in the upper area. In contrast to drawers with fronts, the content in a modular tray is visible at a glance. This saves time and enables efficient working.

In conclusion, modular trays are many times more flexible and versatile than simple shelves and drawers.

The modular trays from H+H SYSTEM are the perfect choice for storing medication and medical goods.