Practical aids for everyday life in care

For nurses, daily work is versatile and of a great responsibility. It can also be hard and exhausting. To prevent it from becoming a daily challenge, these practical aids help with medication.



Dispensing medication with dispenser

Often the little things make everyday life a lot easier. This is also true for care. Medication aids reduce the workload when it comes to dispensing medication and simplify the intake of drugs. When taking a medicine orally is difficult for the patient, the pill crusher and the pill splitter are an ideal support. The pill splitter cuts pills in half or into quarters. The pill crusher mini, the pill crusher and the pill crusher professional work like mortars and ground pills. The pulverised drugs are dissolved in liquid and administered to patients easily. The medi cups with removable lids are the perfect choice for delivering liquid drugs. They are available in many colours which guarantees an optimal overview.

To ensure the medication aids’ usability in practice, the Swiss company Wiegand takes both the requirements of caregivers and the needs of patients into account when it comes to product development. For 40 years, the company cooperates closely with nursing specialists, pharmacists and doctors across Europe. This way, innovative and practical solutions constantly improve the high-quality products.

Claudia, a nurse, uses the pill crusher and the medi cups with lids for some time past. We asked her what she thinks of the medication aids. “I especially like the fact that the little helpers are washable. They are reusable and you can use them for many years.”

The everyday helpers simplify and support medication in nursing homes, in hospitals and at home.