Everything is possible

No wish remains unfulfilled: Thanks to customisation, the right product is created for every need.

As an interior designer, planner or architect, one is often faced with a (space) problem. Sometimes one knows exactly how to solve it but products from the standard portfolio are not sufficient for implementation. This is where H+H SYSTEM appears on the scene. In addition to our common products, we manufacture according to individual specifications. For every problem we try to find an innovative solution.

Here are three examples of successfully implemented custom-made products:

1. SkiButler



This special production of a somewhat different kind was created on request for a passionate skier family with little storage capacity in their basement. The solution to the space problem was the SkiButler: every pair of skis is ready to hand when the fresh snow has fallen overnight. At the same time, the skis are stored in a space-saving way. Thanks to the wheels, they can be quickly pushed out of the way.

The SkiButler shows how versatile the FlexShelf is: a special attachment for the skis was simply mounted on the shelf with castors.


2. Wall mount for small boxes (Hanging box holder)



A customer wanted to store articles in small boxes on a wall, ready to hand. Our team developed a holder that is perfectly tailored to the boxes and easily mounted on the wall.


3. Display for lip care



Also small products as a lip balm need to be presented in an attractive way. That was the wish of the pharmacy Kurapotheke Bad Ischl. With the custom-made display, the lip balm immediately catches the customer's eye. The lip balm fits perfectly into the milled holes, and a printed plug-in label is used to present the product.


H+H SYSTEM stands for flexibility – this also applies for custom-made products.