elibox®: the story of a successful cooperation

About a challenge in practice that became a successful product solution thanks to an Austrian cross-company collaboration.

The hospital „Krankenhaus der Elisabethinen“, run by sisters of Saint Elisabeth in Linz, Austria, approached us via the medical technology cluster with a problem from practice. Before surgery or examination in the hospital room, personal aids such as glasses, hearing aids and dentures are taken from the patient for reasons of safety and hygiene. The time before a surgery is stressful in the first place. The “loss of senses” is humiliating and scaring on top, especially for the elderly. After surgery, in the recovery room and during transport back to the patient’s room, the patient must cope with his impaired vision and hearing. This affects not only his or her comfort but also his/her safety.

With regards to this problem, H+H SYSTEM developed together with the sisters of Saint Elisabeth the idea for a storage box. It should keep all the patient’s personal aids and must be attached directly to the hospital bed. Both, the nursing staff’s requirements (hygienic, safe and handy) and the patients’ needs (clearly arranged and no items falling out) were taken into account.

Invented, conceived, designed, produced and marketed in Austria: The result is the elibox, an innovative and unique product. The elibox is a container in which a pair of glasses, two hearing aids and two dentures can be safely stored. It is attached with a hook-and-loop fastener to the bed and accompanies the patient to the operating theatre. Immediately upon waking from the anaesthesia, it is available again. To sum up, patient’s personal aids are always within reach with the elibox.

More comfort and safety for patients - this is what the elibox stands for.