Examples from practice: the H+H FlexShelf® in the hospital

The following facts prove the versatility of the shelving system.

Storage, preparation, work, transport – anything is possible with the H+H FlexShelf®. Combined with shelves, modular trays and drawers, it is a versatile storage system that satisfies all requirements. This proves its successful use in the health sector all over the world.


1. NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, USA

The Presbyterian hospital in the middle of Brooklyn, New York, equipped their medication storage room with several movable storage racks. A FlexShelf on castors is easy to move when needed. In the pull-out modular trays with dividers, medical supplies are stored in a clearly arranged and space saving manner. Thanks to the 30° hinged stopping function, working is comfortable and convenient.


2. Royal Hobart Hospital St John, Australia

The Royal Hobart Hospital is the largest hospital in Tasmania. In order to efficiently supply the many patients with the required medication, the extensive hospital pharmacy was equipped with the flexible storage racks. The integrated modular trays are ideal for storing medicines. Shelves and worktops were installed for effortless preparation, sorting and working.


3. Sharp Memorial Hospital San Diego, USA

At Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, the FlexShelf is not only used as a storage rack but also as a multifunctional workstation. On the (pull-out) shelves, documents and medication are prepared and sorted or goods are unwrapped and wrapped. Placing heavy equipment on the worktops is no problem as they are very robust.


4. Tampere University Hospital, Finland

At the University Hospital in Tampere, Finland, the FlexShelf with integrated modular tray system is used in the refrigerator. The shelving system is perfect for storing and cooling medication, blood and plasma: on the one hand, the high conductivity of the aluminium ensures optimum temperature distribution. On the other hand, modular trays and drawers make optimum use of the valuable space.


The FlexShelf offers infinite possibilities for every logistics and storage concept.