Examples from practice: H+H SYSTEM in the emergency vehicle

Our divider systems are not only used in hospitals, but also in many other areas – for example in the ambulance.

Our divider systems have proven their flexibility many times. However, they are not only flexible in their handling, but also in the field of application. For example, our dividers and rails have been on the road with lifesavers for some time, in fact in ambulances all over Germany.

The emergency medical service of Hanover stores life-saving equipment in the ambulance’s pull-out cabinets and drawers. Flexible shelf dividers are used in the pull-out cabinets, while our dividers with slotted rail holders keep the drawers tidy.


Thanks to the shelf dividers with closed front and angled shelf rails, medication, diagnostic equipment and dressing materials remain in their intended place - even during fast-paced rides nothing can fall out or gets mixed up. The storage of the equipment is clearly arranged and adaptable to individual requirements at any time. The available space is thus optimally used, missing items are immediately recognised and can be refilled in time.

As a result, in an emergency paramedics and doctors quickly find what they are looking for and thus save lives.