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This is the story about an idea that became an internationally successful company.

In the 1970s, the two brothers Horst and Heimo Hrovat sen. decided to renovate their pharmacy in Bad Ischl. The rebuild was the perfect opportunity to integrate a new system for organising and storing medicines. However, they soon realized that no existing system met their high requirements. So the two brothers came up with the idea of developing their very own system. The result was the patent registration of the first divider which laid the foundation for “H+H SYSTEM”.



Since the company foundation in 1977, H+H SYSTEM has evolved into an international business. In the 1980s, H+H SYSTEM registered numerous patents and the second location H+H SYSTEM Inc. in the USA was founded. Today, the second generation of the Hrovat family is at the head of the company. The headquarters in Strobl counts more than 40 employees and the subsidiary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, counts almost 20 employees.


From a single divider to an entire organisation and storage system

Not only the number of employees, but also the number of products has risen over the past years: In addition to the "classic" drawer dividers, the in-house production facilities in Austria and USA manufacture trays, storage bins, displays, ready-to-install drawers and entire shelving and workstations. At the present time, the portfolio comprises over 20,000 articles, distributed in more than 60 countries worldwide. H+H SYSTEM in Strobl delivers mainly to Europe, Australia, Asia and South America, whereas the location in Pittsburgh serves the USA, Canada and Mexico.

The customer base has also expanded. H+H divider systems are found in the entire healthcare sector. Clients include hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes and Austrian pharmacies.

One thing, however, has not changed over almost 40 years: Since the patent registration of the first divider, the objective of H+H SYSTEM is to save space and time and thus create additional resources.

H+H SYSTEM: Self-conceived and self-made since the very first day.

H+H SYSTEM in Strobl

Headquarters in Strobl

H+H SYSTEM in Pittsburgh, USA

Subsidiary in Pittsburgh, USA