Cooling perfectly and saving space

Space in a pharmaceutical refrigerator is limited. How can you make the most out of this valuable space?

What applies to food in the private refrigerator is even more important when it comes to the storage of medication in a cool place: As many items as possible need to be stored properly and found quickly when required. Using H+H SYSTEM’s refrigerator organisation you will succeed easily.

Regardless of the type, every refrigerator can be retrofitted with H+H drawers. Why drawers? It is quite simple: If a refrigerator with grids is filled to capacity, products at the back are overlooked. Furthermore, the storing and taking out by the „first in first out“-method is time-consuming because the refrigerator must be cleared out completely in order to rearrange the products. In addition, there is often a lot of space between the grids which leads to wasted storage space.

Using drawers these problems vanish into thin air: The drawers are fully extendable, so the medicines at the very back are seen and can be found. With the H+H flexible dividing system it takes only one touch to take out and restock products easily and time efficiently. Depending on whether drugs in different sizes, samples, drug or plasma bags are stored, you can choose between several system heights and different drawer types. This makes organising the refrigerator quick and easy.

Up to 30% more space in the refrigerator thanks to H+H SYSTEM’s drawers.