Innovation meets efficiency: The new H+H FlexShelf® MHD sets new standards in storage.

Mobile High Density – Maximising space, maintaining mobility

The acronym MHD stands for "mobile high density" – and that's precisely the core element of the FlexShelf MHD: With a fixed unit on the left and another on the right, there are mobile units in between. Additionally, it allows for storage in "high density," meaning a large number of items can be stored in a small space.



H+H FlexSHelf MHD

The units move along overhead guide profiles, eliminating the need for floor rails and floor fixations. This makes the H+H FlexShelf® MHD even barrier-free. With its compact design, the innovative storage system makes the most of the available space: one aisle is sufficient for five shelving units. At the same time, the full flexibility of the FlexShelf is retained. Quick and easy reconfiguration allows for adaptation to changing requirements.

Perfect for medication storage

The H+H FlexShelf MHD shows its strengths especially in medication storage. More medications can be stored safely and efficiently in the smallest space. Shelves can be pushed together compactly, saving valuable space, which is especially beneficial in space-constrained environments with limited space such as hospitals and pharmacies. The storage system not only provides storage but also ensures quick and easy access to all contents. Each shelving unit can be operated from both sides, maintaining a pass-through feature. Safety and clarity are always maintained.

Flexibility in every aspect

The FlexShelf MHD can be customised according to specific needs. With shelves, drawers, or the ISO modular tray system, the FlexShelf MHD becomes a flexible storage solution. This allows to meet the individual needs of a wide range of products.

Light, stable, robust – The H+H FlexShelf MHD is made of aluminium

The mobile high density shelving system is made of lightweight, sturdy aluminium, which not only ensures robustness but also hygiene. The high-quality workmanship guarantees a long service life and makes the FlexShelf MHD a sustainable investment.

Improved inventory management

The integration of technologies such as barcode scanners or RFID (radio frequency identification) significantly enhances logistics and warehouse management. These technologies facilitate efficient inventory tracking, reducing loss and shrinkage due to the control of expiration dates, for example.

More sustainibility

Efficient use of space and resources can help improve sustainability. Reduced space requirements mean less energy consumption for lighting and air conditioning, while improved organisation can help reduce waste and optimise the use of medications.

The H+H FlexShelf® MHD combines efficiency, flexibility and robustness in a single product. Whether in hospitals, pharmacies, or other space-constrained environments, this mobile high density shelving system sets a new standard in storage and makes the most of available space.

Store more in less space with the H+H FlexShelf® MHD!

The units can be easily moved along the guide profiles.

The H+H FlexShelf® MHD does not require floor rails and is therefore barrier-free.

The H+H FlexShelf® MHD can be equipped with shelves or ISO modular trays, etc.

The mobile high density shelving units are easy to move.