H+H SYSTEM in the hospital

Optimising efficiency and safety with products for organisation and storage of medications


Efficient organisation plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth running of medicaion processes in hospitals.
H+H SYSTEM offers a wide range of products specifically designed for the healthcare sector. Flexible drawer dividers, medical drawers and refrigerator drawers, ISO modular trays, and the H+H FlexShelf contribute to optimised workflows and a better patient safety.


With drawer dividers, medical materials and instruments are organised and stored in a clear manner. The divider system allow medical staff to quickly access the needed items, saving time and increasing efficiency. The clear separation of items within the drawer compartments provides an optimal overview and reduces the risk of confusion and errors. The flexible dividers can be installed in any drawer, from carts, cabinets, refrigerators, or safes.

The modular tray system in ISO format (standardised sizes for healthcare furniture) simplifies logistical processes while saving space for storing drugs, liquids, dressing materials, and small parts of all kinds. The H+H FlexModul®, H+H FlexBasket, and H+H FlexTray may be freely combined and can be used as "Exchange Tray System." Moreover, the ISO modular tray system can be integrated into cabinets, shelves, and carts.

The H+H FlexShelf® is a versatile storage system that adapts to the individual requirements and needs of each hospital. Whether it's medical storage racks, trays and drawers for expanding storage, outfitting an entire workspace, or a mobile workstation on wheels – everything is possible. When combined with accessories, materials are organised in a clear manner, maximising the available storage space.

Furthermore, H+H SYSTEM offers refrigerator drawers and medical drawers for proper storage of medicines and drugs. The pull-out drawers allow a clear organisation of medications in various sizes, samples, blood and plasma. This optimises the use of valuable space. Using the flexible divider system, products are quickly retrieved or replenished. Medications and samples are securely stored in the drawers which can be locked if necessary. Aluminium, such as in the AluCool® drawer, ensures optimal temperature distribution.

Products for medication distribution ensure the best organisation and highest safety. Dispensers, trays and other accessories simplify the preparation and dispensing of medications for the staff, as well as the intake for the patients.

H+H SYSTEM products contribute to optimising efficiency and organisation in the hospital setting. The medical staff can quickly locate items at a glance, leading to improved workflow processes. Clear separation and organised storage of items improve patient safety.

This enables hospitals to ensure smooth and efficient operations while providing high-quality care to their patients.