Pill crusher professional

Pill crusher professional ;|mortar|

Pill crusher pouches

Accessory; |Pill crusher pouches|

Pill crusher pouches, box

Accessory; |Pill crusher pouches, box|

Working aid sliding lid opener

Accessory; |Working aid sliding lid opener|

Week box 01

Accessory; |Week box 01|

Week box 01

Accessory; |Week box 01|

Medication distribution


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Medication aids

Wiegand offers a wide range of practical aids for the preparation and storage of medication. Medi cups, dispensers, pill splitters or crushers support you in your daily routine. The products facilitate the preparation and distribution of medication and simplify the intake of medicines for patients and residents.

  • Aids for the preparation of medication
  • Aids for the distribution of medication
  • Patient-oriented storage
  • Perfect overview
  • Flexible solutions

Improving patient safety

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The medication distribution system accessories offer comprehensive and flexible solutions for medication safety and thus to increase patient safety. The easy-to-use system components are suitable for both inpatient and outpatient healthcare facilities. In addition to improving the quality of care, they also relieve the nursing staff and the pharmacy staff. The cost savings potential through a reduction in medication errors is considerable.

Many options for maximum flexibility