Aluminium drawer

Aluminium drawer

Medical drawers

Aluminium drawers

more space

system heights


Optimal use of space and easy access

Benefit from drawers that H+H SYSTEM designs and engineers precisely to your requirements. Thanks to their flexible design, these drawers provide limitless storage-solution configurations. And, importantly, optimal hygiene can be effortlessly maintained due to the easy-to-remove dividers.

  • Easy retrofitting possible
  • High qualitiy aluminium
  • Different slides available
  • Best use of space
  • At different heights
  • Manufactured by drawer dimensions

The sliding divider in the drawer
Everything is possible

Any width. Any depth. Any height.
With the flexible division of H+H SYSTEM
30% of space can be saved.

Design your drawer subdivision according to your wishes and individual needs with our


3D Planner

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We've got everything under control: Base and extension

1. Various drawer bases
Bases for aluminium drawers

Drawers from H+H SYSTEM are solutions that you can configure to the last detail. You determine the type of drawer base.

2. Various drawer extensions
Drawer extensions for aluminium drawers

Single or full drawer runner extensions are also part of our complete service. Or any other extension, that meets your requirements.

3. Drawer
Aluminium drawer

H+H SYSTEM custom builds aluminium drawers in all widths and depths, which can also be installed in existing wooden frames.

System heights

We offer the following system heights of dividers for drawers of all sizes:

  1. System height 35
  2. System height 45
  3. System height 55
  4. System height 100
  1. System height 125
  2. System height 150
  3. System height 200
  4. Customised solutions on request

Many subdivision options for maximum flexibility

Ready-to-install drawers

Perfectly tailored

H+H SYSTEM produces drawers of various materials in any size and for any need. Hygiene and flexibility are at the forefront. In combination with the flexible sliding dividers and the organisation program, the system brings order, clarity and security to every medical drawer. The dividers can be easily removed for a perfect cleaning of the interior.