Storage bin; |130x300x60 mm|

Trays, bins and boxes

Custom storage bins


more space

2. Design - Office

system heights

Optimised storage of small parts

Whether you are using large or small parts, everything needs to be in order. With the custom bins for larger items or with storage trays for small parts, H+H SYSTEM has the best solutions for individual needs. The available space is used optimally and increases the storage space.

  • Perfect use of space
  • Up to 30% space savings
  • Perfect overview
  • Optional with flexible dividing system
  • Ideal labelling options
  • Dimensions and design according to customer specifications

System sizes

Storage bins

  1. 130x300x60 mm
  2. 155x220x60 mm

Deposit box for medical prescriptions

  1. 130x300x60 mm


Storage bins made-to-measure

  1. Customised solutions on request

Many options for maximum flexibility