Medication distribution

Dispensing trays

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Dispensing trays for every purpose

Using the dispensing trays the medication of a group of residents is prepared for the next application. Fixing the dispensers and medi cups on the tray enables a safe medication distribution even at a fast pace and under tight space conditions. The dispensing trays fit into trolleys and cabinets.

Trays with seven compartments are mainly used for week sets of one resident. The same tray can also be used for one application time of seven patients.

  • For all types of dispensers
  • For medi cups
  • Different sizes
  • Patient-oriented storage
  • Perfect overview

Improving patient safety

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The WIEGAND® system offers comprehensive and flexible solutions for medication safety and thus to increase patient safety. The simple and modular system components are suitable for both inpatient and outpatient healthcare facilities.  In addition to improving the quality of care, they also relieve the nursing staff and the pharmacy staff. The cost savings potential through a reduction in medication errors is considerable.

Many options for maximum flexibility

Additional equipment