Dividers with slotted rail holder in the cart

Dividers with slotted rail holder in the cart

Cart organisation

Dividers with slotted rail holder


more space

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Even at a later date flexibly divided

Customised to any dimension, the H+H SYSTEM divides every cart according to the different needs. The retrofitting consists of 3 parts: slotted rail holder, universal rail and flexible divider, all of them easy to install. In one minute, the drawer is fitted with the dividing system and can be used for a space saving and clear storage. Flexible dividers can be pushed to the products, creating more space for more items.

  • Perfect overview
  • Customised
  • Flexible dividing system
  • Easy handling
  • Hygienic cleaning
  • Labelling option
  • Suitable for heavy loads

The sliding divider in the drawer
Everything is possible

Any width. Any depth. Any height.
With the flexible division of H+H SYSTEM
30% of space can be saved.

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The perfect overview in just three easy steps

1. Slotted rail holder
Slotted rail holder

Simply stick the slotted rail holder to the inside of the drawer.

2. Aluminium rail
Aluminium rail

Slide the aluminium rail into the slotted rail holder: H+H SYSTEM provides rails of all lengths to suit any drawer dimensions.

3. Sliding divider
Sliding divider

Adjust the sliding divider to the desired length by snapping it off at the predetermined breaking point. Optimise clarity with our labelling system.

System heights

We offer the following system heights of dividers for drawers of all sizes:

  1. System height 35
  2. System height 45
  3. System height 55
  1. System height 100
  2. System height 125
  3. System height 150
  4. Customised solutions on request

Many subdivision options for maximum flexibility

Dividers with slotted rail holder

High quality & flexible

Even if your requirements change, the order remains. Because with the subdivision with the slotted rail holder, flexibility knows no limits. Not even if it is simply built into the drawer at a later date.


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