Safe Format Gemini Pro 20

|Safe Format Gemini Pro 20|

Safe organisation

Drawers for safes

more space

system heights

search efforts

Flexible dividing system for perfect overview

To make storage, order and organisation of obstructing substances (recording requiring narcotics, narcotic drugs) easy, H+H SYSTEM has further developed its aluminium drawer and is now retrofitting every existing safe. By using drawers instead of shelves, 30% of space can be gained. Combined with the flexible dividing system, each product gets its own compartment including labelling. Each compartment can easily be adapted in width and depth according to package sizes. The best organisation not only reduces mix-ups and costly overrun of exceeding expiry dates, but also saves valuable time searching, which can be used for other processes.

  • Up to 30% space savings
  • Save time with minimised search efforts
  • Drawers for (almost) any safe
  • Single drawers can be combined with shelves
  • Drawer block depending on the application
  • Any number of drawers
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Any width and depth possible
  • Easy pull-out on plastic rollers
  • Different drawer heights

The sliding divider in drawers
Anything is possible

Any width. Any depth. Any height.
H+H SYSTEM's flexible dividers
save up to 30% of space.

Design your drawer subdivision according to your wishes and individual needs with our


3D Planner

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System heights

We offer the following system heights of dividers for drawers of all sizes:

  1. System height 35
  2. System height 45
  3. System height 55
  4. System height 100
  1. System height 125
  2. System height 150
  3. System height 200
  4. Customized solutions on request
Safe organisation

High quality & flexibilty

By using drawers instead of shelves, 30% of space can be gained. H+H SYSTEM offers a suitable drawer in the right height, width and depth for (almost) every safe. Depending on the application, single drawers or a drawer block can be used.