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elibox® - the patient box


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Personal items always
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elibox®- the patient box for personal items

With the elibox personal aids are always within reach. The elibox is a container in which a pair of glasses, two hearing aids and two dentures can be safely stored. It is attached with a hook-and-loop fastener to the bed and accompanies the patient to the operating room. Immediately after waking up from the anaesthesia the patient's personal items are available again.

  • Disposable blister shell
  • No falling out of interior
  • Washable outer shell
  • With name labelling option
  • Wasy to attach with hook-and-loop fastener
Always within reach

Personal aids in the elibox®

With age, people rely more on glasses, hearing aids and dental prostheses. For reasons of safety and hygiene, these aids are taken from the patient before surgery. Right after surgery, many people feel the loss of their „senses“ to be particularly disturbing. Using the elibox, the patients have their personal items immediately at hand and feel comfortable again.