FlexShelf - storage and work; picking station, double

FlexShelf - storage and work; |picking station, double|

FlexShelf - storage and work; mixed cart

FlexShelf - storage and work; |mixed cart|

H+H FlexShelf Mobile unit with drawers and worktop

H+H FlexShelf - 4 columns ;|Mobile unit with drawers and worktop|

H+H FlexShelf with 2 columns, ISO modular trays and worktop

H+H FlexShelf - 2 columns;|ISO modular trays and worktop|

H+H FlexShelf mobile workstation with FlexModul and drawer

H+H FlexShelf mobile workstation with FlexModul and drawer

FlexShelf with ISO modular trays grey and transparent

H+H FlexShelf - 1 column;|ISO modular trays grey and transparent|

H+H FlexShelf


more space

system heights



Working and preparing according to your requirements

The innovation of H+H SYSTEM, made of high-quality aluminium, can be easily and flexibly expanded in different widths and depths. Start with the base unit and add any number of extensions to it – now or later. Combined with a wide range of accessories, a flexible workstation is created – also mobile on castors if required. Together with the H+H divider system, you get a functional overall solution that ensures perfect organisation, overview and flexibility. Depending on individual needs, you save up to 30% space when storing any medical supplies and medicines.


  • Optimal working and flexible expansion
  • Clear and space saving
  • Compatible with the H+H ISO modular tray system
  • Individual 3D plans
  • With castors and adjustable feet
  • With pull-out shelves and drawers
  • Made of robust and light aluminium
  • Optimal use of space
  • High load capacity

The 3D Planner FlexShelf

Storage, preparation, work

The flexible shelf system is designed according to the add-on principle.
Start with the base unit and add any number of extensions to it – from
an individual column to a complete workspace.
Learn more about the 3D Planner in our explanation video.

Design your storage system according to your wishes with our


3D Planner

start video

In just three steps to the perfect workstation

1. Width and height
H+H FlexShelf different heights

Create the optimum storage system for you, no matter how complex your needs are: choose from two standard depths, various heights, and a variety of widths.

2. Shelves
FlexShelf with pull-out shelf

Choose from a variety of shelves for your workstation. Whether static or for pulling out.

3. Storage systems
FlexShelf with ISO modular trays grey und transparent

Ensure a perfect overview with the right storage option. Optimise additionally with our sliding dividers and labelling systems.

Optional: Castors

Choose the optional castors for your H+H FlexShelf shelving system to make your configuration moveable or mobile.

System sizes

High-quality aluminium
400 kg max. load capacity per column


  1. 905 mm
  2. 1225 mm
  3. 1545 mm
  4. 1920 mm

Sizes W x D

  1. 300 x 400 mm
  2. 400 x 400 mm
  3. 600 x 400 mm
  4. 900 x 400 mm
  5. 1200 x 400 mm
  6. 1500 x 400 mm


  1. 300 x 600 mm
  2. 400 x 600 mm
  3. 600 x 600 mm
  4. 900 x 600 mm
  5. 1200 x 600 mm
  6. 1500 x 600 mm
  7. Individual solutions on request

Many possibilities for maximum flexibility

Mobile workstations for maximum mobility

Built-in components

Additional equipment

Simple exchange

For more efficiency

The innovative solution in ISO format ensures space-saving and safe storage of medical goods.