MedTray - custom tray

MedTray - custom tray

Flexible drawer dividers

MedTray - custom trays


more space

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Custom trays for secure storage

To increase efficiency, H+H SYSTEM developed trays and boxes suitable for all drawer types and sizes. Our system can be used to more effectively prepare, sort, and store medication for transportation. To comply with safety standards, they are also available with locked or sealable lids. The trays are ideal for the U.S. "Exchange Tray System". The trays can be quickly removed from the drawer and replaced.

  • Leak-proof
  • Lockable
  • Perfect overview
  • Flexible dividers
  • Great security
  • Labelling options
  • Any size
  • Various designs and materials
  • Patient-friendly storage in a small space

The sliding divider in the drawer
Everything is possible

Any width. Any depth. Any height.
With the flexible division of H+H SYSTEM
30% of space can be saved.

start video

The perfect overview in just three easy steps.

1. Insert tray

Insert suitably sized tray into the drawer. H+H SYSTEM custom builds those trays in all sizes.

2. Dividers to create lanes
Divider for lanes

Move the lengthwise dividers to the desired position.

3. Sliding divider
Sliding divider

Adjust to the desired length by snapping off at one of the predetermined breaking points. Optimise clarity with our labelling system.

System heights

We offer the following system heights of dividers for drawers of all sizes:

  1. System height 35
  2. System height 55
  3. System height 100
  4. System height 125
  5. System height 150
  6. Customised solutions on request

Many subdivision options for maximum flexibility

Flexibility and quality

of the highest order

A completely removable, custom-built tray provides the ultimate hygienic storage solution. Due to their flexibility, trays ensure lasting order in all drawers.