Plastic drawer

Plastic drawer

Plastic drawer

Plastic drawer

Refrigerator organisation

Plastic drawers

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Intelligent solutions for refrigeration storage

H+H SYSTEM takes advantage of all material benefits of plastic to manufacture custom sized drawers in gray, transparent, or white (antibacterial). Suitable for any type of refrigerator, drawers will be produced in any width, depth and height. In addition, each refrigerator interior (smooth or ribbed walls) can be retrofitted with drawers from H+H SYSTEM. Together with our flexible dividing system valuable space is used as best as possible in the fridge.

  • Easy pull-out on plastic rollers
  • Individual configuration of subdivision
  • Any width, depth and height of the drawer possible
  • Cost-efficient
  • Any refrigerator can be retrofitted with any number of drawers
  • Tool-free assembly of drawers
  • Various drawer heights

The sliding divider in the drawer
Everything is possible

Any width. Any depth. Any height.
With the flexible division of H+H SYSTEM
30% of space can be saved.

Design your drawer subdivision according to your wishes and individual needs with our


3D Planner

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The right material for every requirement.

1. Plastic
Plastic drawer grey

The most cost-effective variant.

2. Plastic antibacterial white
Plastic drawer antibacterial white

With antibacterial internal coating.

3. Plastic
Plastic drawer transparent

For a better overview.

4. Individual branding of the drawer
AluCool drawer individual branding

Whether it’s your company name or other wording, thanks to the transparent front, the possibilities are endless.

System heights

We offer the following system heights of dividers for drawers of all sizes:

  1. System height 35
  2. System height 45
  3. System height 55
  4. System height 100
  1. System height 125
  2. System height 150
  3. System height 200
  4. Customised solutons on request

Many subdivision options for maximum flexibility

Additional equipment

One refrigerator drawer

many possibilities

The flexible subdivisions from H+H SYSTEM can be individually adjusted in width and depth at any time. Together with the H+H-subdivision system you get a functional overall solution - the perfect organisation, overview and flexibililty standard in the refrigeraton area.